Chicken Nuggets - Acknowlege Your Child's Feelings

Posted by Janine Porter on Monday, August 6, 2018 Under: Georgia Hope Newsletter
Tough Holidays and Special Occasions Acknowledging Losses- Encourage the child to share his or her feelings about those they have lost to reinforce that his or her emotions are perfectly normal.

Past Holidays- Gather specific information so that you can incorporate your child’s previous positive memories into your current family’s activities.

Special Occasions - You may wish to follow family traditions or change them. It may help to do things just a little differently.

Negative Reactions to Special Occasions - Understand and accept the child’s feelings about the special occasion and about the people he or she has lost. Acknowledge those feelings, encourage the child to express them, and then move toward the special occasion with the intent of providing yet another opportunity for the child to heal

Source: Institute for Attachment & Child Development 9 May 2018, Connie Hornyak, Accessed 15 May 2018, 

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