Georgia Hope Inc.'s Chicken Nuggets: Wisdom for Happy Families

Posted by Janine Porter on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Under: Georgia Hope Newsletter
Welcome to our July's Newsletter's Chicken Nuggets! Here are a few words of wisdom to help you through the trying times. Yes, we all have them!

Sleepless children-Allow children to run free outside or in a safe area, tire them out, feed them, bathe them. Spray lavender in the air, play soft music and allow them to drift away to sleepy land. Nighty-night!

Cursing kids-Choose a funny word. Tell the child instead of using the bad word choose the funny word. You use it too and watch those bad words disappear. Example, instead of f**k, try, “flying flea”. It doesn’t even have to make sense. (Compliments of Mr. Thomas) 

Still wetting the bed-  No more drinking after 8pm and wake me up every 4 hours. Also, potty training doesn’t HAVE to stop at age 3. “Trauma can last for years and so can wetting my clothes and the bed, foster mom & dad.”

Crying & screaming children- “I used to see my mom (dad) everyday but then DFCS took me. I am sad every day, this is why I cry, act out and do things that are not normal for a child my age. Can you understand that I’m hurting and can’t express myself?” HELP ME! INVEST IN ME!

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