Georgia Hope Inc.'s Quarterly Newsletter - July

Posted by Janine Porter on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Under: Georgia Hope Newsletter
It’s A great day at Georgia Hope:
Summer has come upon us, please remember to keep your children safe, busy and well hydrated. Georgia’s summers can be hot and humid. Remember to wear sun screen while in the sun, at the beach, in the park or just out walking. Be sure your child is involved in some summer activity throughout the summer whether camp, volunteering and/or vacation bible school. Also, remember to keep their minds flowing with education. Go to the library so your toddlers, children and teens can choose their favorite book to read throughout the summer. Be sure to continue to use those math skills, count the number of stop lights in route to an excursion or add the grocery bill before you get to the cash register or better yet have your teen determine the restaurant bill before the waitress puts it on the table. Math is everywhere and so is reading so keep it flowing.

Thank you for all you do for Georgia’s children! 
Yours for the Children, 
J. Porter, MA

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