Letter from Our Assistant Director

Posted by C. Thomas, Assistant Director on Thursday, June 28, 2018 Under: Georgia Hope Newsletter
Hello Parents, 

Fostering can be a challenging job. It is extremely important that you only accept children that are geared towards your specific skill set. If additional training of any kind is needed to help ensure that the safety well-being and permanency needs of children placed in your home are met, please let us know. We want to supply each of you with the necessary tools to de-escalate any behavior and regain control of any situation. You all are doing a fantastic job caring for our children.

Thanks for all you do! Show them that you care, show them that you truly want them to be there, in your home with you and your family, show them that they are wanted, show them that they are loved, simply by giving them a Big Hug. 

C. Thomas, MS, Asst. Director

In : Georgia Hope Newsletter 

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